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Brooke Foy-Price




General Manager


Managing day to day operations


E: enquiries@chameleonservicesdevon.co.uk

07930 964916

Richard Bosworth



Property and Maintenance Manager



Richard manages our maintenance and property management side of the business.



E: maintenance@chameleonservicesdevon.co.uk




Cleaning and Laundry team





Our tight team of cleaners and laundry assistants work together to maintain the standards and reputation of Chameleon Services.



Lorna Hobman

Housekeeping Supervisor

Beckie Carosielli

Laundry Supervisor

Katie Bosworth


Staff Events

There is no "I" in our team




A little background............



On completion of years of studying at both College and University I found myself returning to Dartmouth and by chance working in the tourist sector, particularly the holiday home world.  


After gaining experience in this field I made the bold decision of 'going it alone' and started to fill my week with domestic cleaning duties, of which i thoroughly enjoy. Word soon began to spread and I started to quickly build further work for myself, and in turn, those that began to join my team.


Confident in my work and attention to detail my ambition then took me to approach local letting agents, which led to me building a varied portfolio consisting of domestic, commercial and holiday homes.


Chameleon Services was born in early 2016 and proud to have grown through dedication, hard work and the all important recommendations. We are made up of a tight team, working closely together to achieve and maintain a high standard of cleaning and laundry services to our clients. 


We enjoy our work and aim to continually provide that all important personal touch as well as focussing on the smaller details that make all the difference.


Should you require us short or long term please get in touch, I'd very much welcome an opportunity to discuss any requirements you might have.


Brooke Foy-Price

Business owner








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